Our Accomplishments

The Hawai`i Rural Development Council (HRDC) is a statewide nonprofit organization committed to promoting and supporting the rural-based economic welfare of the State. Incorporated in 2003, the HRDC is one of 37 state rural development councils that are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

Key Accomplishments of the HRDC:

September 2003 – HRDC partnered with the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation, and the Economic Development Alliance of Hawaii to host the North Shore Days Festival. The Festival highlighted the diversity of the economic development activities in rural areas with over 40 businesses and partners participating.

Spring 2004 – HRDC convened a two day conference, “Charting a Future for Rural Hawaii.” Over 200 participants discussed HRDC’s role in highlighting and elevating issues that have impact on Hawai`i’s rural communities.

May 2005 – Commissioned the report, “Considerations for Rural Development in Hawaii: Strategic Options for the Rural Development Council.”

November 2005 – The HRDC completed a strategic planning process to focus its efforts in the following areas: Protection of Agriculture; Promotion of Affordable Housing; Encouragement of Sustainable Economic Development.

Jan.-May 2006 – HRDC assisted legislative partners to convene a series of informational meetings for the Rural Legislative Caucus. Topics included: Important Agriculture Land/Rural District revisions and Affordable Housing.

June 2006 – Secured a $20,000.00 grant from the Hawai`i Community Foundation to develop training curriculum on Land Use planning and permitting processes.

Sept.-Dec. 2006 – Received a $40,000.00 contract from the Land Use Commission to facilitate community input meetings regarding state rural district law revisions. A series of 12 meetings on Kauai, Maui, East and West Hawai`i included 203 community participants.

2007-2008 – Developed a Land Use Manual for Hawaii residents. Held workshops statewide on land use.

2009 – Created a trailer for a film project titled, “Seeds of Hope.”

April 19-21, 2010 Participated in Western Regional Rural Development Conference, held in Las Vegas, NV, focusing on 1) Local, Sustainable Agriculture and Regional Food Systems; 2) Energy; 3) Rural Business Development, and; 4) Broadband Access.

2010 – Organized Rural Convenings on Oahu, Hawai’i, Moloka’i, Kaui, & Maui to gather ideas and feedback from local stakeholders relating to the four issues, identify and discuss their respective island’s rural areas’s successes, opportunities, and challenges, as well as identify stakeholders who “should be at the table.

2010 – Convened a state-wide Rural Summit during the Hawai’i Agricultural Conference Ko’olina, O’ahu.  Participants ranged from students, legislators, non-profits, farmers, distributors, and consumers heard best practices from around the islands, engaged in a review of the Rural Convenings Report, and identified “next steps” to strengthen rural communities.  The HRDC also screened the latest cut of Danny Miller’s Na Kupu Mana’olana – Seeds of Hope- the Future of Agriculture in Hawai’i documentary film.

2012 – Premiere of Danny Miller’s Na Kupu Mana’olana – Seeds of Hope- the Future of Agriculture in Hawai’i documentary film at the Hawai‘i International Film Festival and launch of the HRDC Seeds of Hope Film Forum Series.

Deepening the dialogue about the issues facing Hawai‘i’s rural communities.

Engaging diverse stakeholders in the conversation about the future of our rural lands.

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