Seeds of Hope Film

Film Premise
For over 1,000 years the Hawaiian People produced enough food to support an estimated population of one million. Today, 85% of their food is imported.  And if current trends continue, Hawaii’s last agricultural lands will be gone by 2040.  Can Hawaii change course in time? Yes.

Film Summary
This 90 minute film celebrates the unsung heroes that are working to solve the biggest issue facing this beloved remote island paradise: “How Can Hawaii Feed Itself?”

These “seeds of hope,” innovative farmers – both large and small, food distributors, ranchers, educators and everyday citizens are scattered throughout the island chain and are growing new ideas that can solve Hawaii’s food crisis and inspire a world to become more sustainable and return to the land. Through personal stories, the film will explore the major issues facing Hawaii: The Post Plantation Period, Food Security, Education, and Nutrition and demonstrate how everyone, from industrial farms to traditional taro farmers, must work together to solve these issues.

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Film Funding
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Deepening the dialogue about the issues facing Hawai‘i’s rural communities.

Engaging diverse stakeholders in the conversation about the future of our rural lands.

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