Hawai‘i Pacific University (April 2013)

On April 19, Seeds of Hope was screened for an audience of 30+ students and professors as part of HPU‘s on-campus film series, “Viewpoints.” The screening was organized by HPU Assistant Professor of English Tyler McMahon as part of a sequence of films focused on local themes and the Earth Day month of April.

Seeds of Hope was introduced by HRDC Board Chair Alan Murakami, who shared the story of the genesis of the HRDC and the USDA’s role in supporting similar efforts to bring diverse stakeholders to the table around issues of agriculture and rural development. Following the screening, a Q&A was led by HRDC Board Member and Film Committee Member Robyn Pfahl. In general there was great interest in the issues brought up by the film and not as much prior knowledge about them as at other showings, in part because a significant portion of HPU students are not from Hawai‘i. There was also a strong desire for more information on how to contribute and/or engage directly with the efforts/organizations profiled in the film.

Alan Murakami introduces Seeds of Hope at the HPU Warmer Auditorium.

Some of the specific comments brought up by viewers included:

“It’s very interesting to see that the issues in all these areas are connected in a way, controlled by a system that demands development. I wish there were more explanation about how lands were divided and what is considered public and private property. Another thing that scared me is the lack of control of the seeds that are GMO or not. I would like to know more about recycling programs in the island.”

“The film is so inspiring and moves the audience to act. Is there a list of resources and organizations that we can access? Names of the people talking in the film?”

“It would be wonderful to see contact information and concrete ways to support the school gardens, local farmers, etc., directly. We want to help!”


Deepening the dialogue about the issues facing Hawai‘i’s rural communities.

Engaging diverse stakeholders in the conversation about the future of our rural lands.

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