Hawai‘i Convention Center (July 2013)

On July 17, Seeds of Hope was screened at the beautiful Lili‘u Theater in the Hawai‘i Convention Center as part of the 21st Annual Hawai‘i Conservation Alliance Conference. Over 120 people representing diverse areas of Hawai‘i’s environmental and cultural conservation community attended the screening, which formed the finale of the Building Partnerships for Sustainable Growth networking portion of the conference.

After the film, HRDC board chair Alan Murakami led a Q&A with the audience, which covered topics such as the role of kalo cultivation and restoration in Hawai‘i’s search for sustainable staple foods (Emily Kandagawa, Hawai‘i Taro Security and Purity Task Force), to the impact of large landowners such as Kamehameha Schools’ vision of best practices and land use management.

One attendee mentioned the need to look more closely at O‘ahu’s food needs as the state’s population center, and the island with the most pressure to develop or otherwise dismantle its agricultural lands. Another person brought up the question of how agriculture can be a viable and sustainable economic industry in Hawai‘i if water resources are so scarce. Joshua Cooper of the Hawai‘i Institute for Human Rights stated that access to healthy foods as a basic human right. As has generally been the case at the Seeds of Hope film forums, arious audience members expressed their support for a statewide viewing of the film, and exploring mechanisms to bring its content to a broader public, either via public television or the Internet.


Deepening the dialogue about the issues facing Hawai‘i’s rural communities.

Engaging diverse stakeholders in the conversation about the future of our rural lands.

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